Francis Bacon





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Max Ernst

Le Lion de Belfort 

Volume 1 : Le Lion de Belfort ( Volume 1: The Lion of Belfort) from Une Semaine de Bonté ou les sept éléments capitaux ( A week of kIndness or the Seven Deadly Elements) 1933-34 , published 1934

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Demonic characters 

Stefan Cooke

Ghost Town


Screenshot 2020-03-20 15.36.06.pngThere are several ghost towns in chile. My great Grandmother grew are up in the costal city called Iquique. Near by the main nitrate town called Humberstone. Reference to the setting it reminds me of natural fibres that you find such as straw, sand and rusted metal. The top image is of Children’s toys made from found & recycled parts left behind at Humberstone, including wire guns, slingshots, tin can trains, & “hoop & wheel” toys  they used there sources around them and repurposed them into something new. The children toys have references to violence. They consist of toys imitating violent weapons. The second image is of The exterior walls of the school are slowly crumbling away, leaving these wooden wall slats behind . The texture have the same linear effect as the tartan print maybe I could experiment with how I could interpret that same pattern but in a different way maybe using leather and moulding it to form those same shapes. 

 Create a collage of the different materials and combine them whittle current thing that you have been looking at.


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When I was looking at the history of the Mac Douglas Clan it explored the history about the clan conquering other clans. The clan motto which is Conquer or die has very negative connotations to it. I look into violence as well as look into where my great great grandma lived as during the time the dictator      was a alive he converted it into a concentration camp. The town where she lived is now a ghost town which consist of rubble and broken homes.



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Dal Riata was a hill fort. The rocky environment of Dunadd, Argyll was a defensive fortress, but also it was a location were kings were involved in a ceremony that symbolically married them to the land. I could look at the relevance of the name however it might be difficult  to translate visually.


Mac Dougell tarten






Ana Mendieta


Bird transformation, 1972

She uses references to earth to emphasise the idea of displacement. She works in different locations and she records her imprints her body makes 


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Embodiment of a hybrid bird-women reference to her cultural and religious background. reference to wine . Its hybrid religion which was developed in Cuba by African slaves in the 19th century which fused Yoruba culture from the south western Nigeria with Spanish roman Catholicism. 




Both my parents are Immigrants they moved to a place which they where unfamiliar with.  My mother moved to somewhere which was very rural to very urban. She was surrounded by nature and by animals. I feel like it would be hard to translate that into something that you can visualise. Maybe I could look at my heritage 

I could look at the food in my family heritage. I could look at my french heritage in comparison to my Latin heritage  where the routes seems to a be a bit misogynistic. Exploring how I align with both cultures in conjunction with me being culturally British. I could look at the stereotypes and criticise or idolise the different aspects pf the cultures that I want to represent me. reference to identity. 

V and A

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 'GRAVITY IN PRAY'   From the series I Do Not Know I Am A Guest  2018 , Liang Wanying 






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Nevin Aldag: Fanfare



There were three video showing different instruments being manipulated by the surrounding environments that they were placed in. some of the settings where very rural and then some where very urban. The instruments were selected depending on the setting. The sounds created from the instruments where used to mimic the continuous sound that we hear in the street. 

Lee Bul


'untitled ( Cravings White)', 1988, MEDIUM Fabric, acrylic paint, wood, stainless steel carabiner and stainless steel chain

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Wyatt Kahn, Untitled, 2017 medium Intaglio

The lines are very linear but then the consistent line mimics the shape of pleats. The shape of the pleats are not the typical appearance of pleats which are very linear. It breaks into different sectors going into different directions. I will attempt with pleating and see if a can break the regular shape of the pleat and also include different medium to create foreground and backgrounds in the sample as well as create volume. 


Willy Zielke stacking of glass plates I 1929, gelatine silver print on paper 

Francis Uprichard


Jack of diamonds,2012, Modelling material, foil, wire, paint , cloth , steel and marble plinth

Her characters that she usually depicts monkeys, spirit people, failed hippies or ageing ascetics. Uprichard sculptures are a fusion of historical and cultural materials and found objects that are used as a sentimental reference to the character that she want to evoke. They blur the traditions, histories, cultures and ideologies.  

The sculptures eyes are close suggesting that it doesn't want to connect to the surroundings 

Usually with her sculptures she creates a setting or context by placing her sculptures on a plinth. refer to this later.  

Mac Dougall family Crest

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 The arms are references to the two ancient royal emblems, two ancient royal emblems,  the black gallery of lorn symbolising the decent from the royal house of the Nors. The lion symbolic of the decent from the Scottish kings of uncial Dal Raida. the cap of maintenance underneath the arm denoting  baronial standing. Which cant be used by others.

The Mac Dougall family crest. The crest consist of an armoured arm holding a cross surrounded by a belt buckle design . The cap or bonnet badge is the most ancient form of displaying you clan affiliation and loyalty. The Macdougall clan motto 'Buaidh No bas' means to conquer or die. A crest is used to represent the family.


Scottish family heritage

 Phillis Hill IMG_20200226_0001.jpgScreen Shot 2020-02-26 at 22.47.51.png


 My Great great grandmother Phillis Hill was born in 1908  and was from the McDougall Scottish family clan but lived Chile. She gave birth at the age of 17 in 1925 to my grandfather. The mother of Phillis Hill originated from Scotland and in the late 1800 they immigrated to Chile at that time it was considered the new world. Phillis died from aids in New York. The image above is of Phillis attending her sons wedding in 1953.

Zabludowicz Collection

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Richard Ayodeji Ikhide, Fragments 1-4, 2019 charcoal on 160gsm surrey paper 

The exhibition focuses on the current situation of the UK removing itself from the EU. Theorist Homi Bhabha's believes that new transcultural are created due to strong colonise or a dominant cultured its subject. which creates a new hybrid. Questions the idea of what is culture today ? The exhibition consisted of artist born in one place and raised in another. They look at how their different cultures intertwine with each other. 

I could create a fanciful world possibilities of authentic cultural hybridity.

Explaining what Cultural hybridity is taken from this site

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 Cultural liberation which provides a way of binary thinking. increased awareness of global cultural flows. The great importance of the different influences of different cultures historically and contemporarily.



Francis Uprichard 

right : Jack of diamonds,2012, Modelling material, foil, wire, paint , cloth , steel and marble plinth

Both Richard Ayodeji and Francis Uprichard explore the creation of there own mythologies, combining different depictions of cultural artefacts which associate with everyday life. The drawing are all the objects that he drew inspiration for. I could display all my artist references in the way that Ayodeji did in one large paper. Despite that some of the objects might not link literally but visually they work together. This technique would be a good way of presenting all of my information that I have collected of artist references so that it can accompany my final outcome as well as create a setting. I will use wallpaper paper so that it is easy to mount it up on a wall and it would be good base for any selected material.

objects that my family find that it signifies there culture. 


Lecture Design Arts and Social Practice : Sustainable Fashion

Prof Lucy Otra and Prof Helen Storey




Collaboration with Argentinian artist. She gradually moved away from fashion. Became more socially active and her work began to show the social instability . Her work focussed on human presence. utilised wasted tent material and repurposed it into something that can be practically used. She created tents that can change into ponchos a response to the global refugees fleeing the Iraq war. Creating convertible shelters for homeless. The garment consisted of metaphorical properties and channeled the idea of free will. To bring awareness of the of the homeless experience to show the precarious conditions that they live in, also to find solutions. 

This made me think of how I could look at my ethnicity background of french and chilean. Considering how I could incorporate the traditional textiles / styles of chilean & French. 

Her other piece of work considers the cycle of food waste and reusing the produce that has wasted disowned and repurposing it. creating sculptures edible buff with disowned food. 

HELEN STOREY -Reciprocity, Resilience, Reality 

Helen worked with scientist , Tony Ryan , to create sustainable materials. They looked at plastic and how it can be reused a multiple of times. Tangible benefit in society. They looked at air pollution how if they made catalytic clothing it would reduce the air pollution. She created a dress and it was made from some of the material found in refugee camps. When you put it in water it disintegrates. 

Helen went as a volunteer to the Zaatari refugee camp and enabled the refugees explore there creative talents by offering her aid. the amount of trauma that she witnessed she was astonished by the resilience of the women in the camp.



Lucy Otra


Refuge wear intervention London east end 1998

the pockets have symbolic references swell as bring practical too. Sleeping bag bring comfort the fact that you can wear it brings about the idea of mobility. It addresses the issue of the homeless people. tThe ruff sleeping that they have to endure. the work channels the idea of freedom of speech , freedom of movement and cultural exchange.

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Weight (2016)

This is a sculpture which was shown in the HM prison where Oscar Wilde was incarcerated. This sculpture marked the 50th anniversary of the partial discrimination of homosexuality. The gold plated mosquito net drapes over a metal prison frame bed. The shimmering appearance of the mosquito net makes the allusion of an apparition.

The sculpture explores the relationship between protection and confinement.

The other piece that we want to see was the 7TH NoV (2001). It is a video describing the incident were McQueen's cousin shot his brother. throughout the hole time he was explaining the incident there is an image running showing him lying on his back. The dark space is illuminated and dominated by this still image which creates a strong intimacy between the audience and Marcus as he shares his story. The way he speaks shows how he is agonised by his mistake but at the same time shows his strong control. 

Screen Printing



Truman in the Whitehouse (A Romance by R.B Kitaj), 1966 Colour screen print, photoscreenprint, coating 


Pogany, 1966 Colour screen print , photo screenprint 


Republic of the Southern Cross , 1964 From the series : Mahler Becomes Politics, Biesbol Politics, Beisbol, 1964-7, colour screen print , photoscreenprint 


Outlying London Districts I , 1971 colour screen print , photoscreenprint 

Turkish Marbling technique

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Using the turkish Marbling technique it could be a good contrasting pattern in comparison to the linear pattern of the argyll print. I could attempt to create an aryl print and distort the appearance of it. Instead of printing it onto paper I could attempt to print it onto fabric but I need to research as to what type of fabric would be the best. as I need to consider wether the paints will transfer well onto the fabric. Some of the products that you need i might not have access to so I need to find other products that I can use instead.Screenshot 2020-03-20 12.56.29.png

 I could use corn starch instead but on the video tutorial that I saw the pigment of the colour appeared strong but once it  transferred onto the paper the colours where extremely pale. Maybe the person used transparent acrylics.





Padded Gambersons 

Imitating the same effect as quilting I could quilt using a slightly transparent fabric and stuff it using unused fabric 

Padded Gambersons 


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